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Everyone is back 2 school.

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Are you a woman who feels like you are starting to crawl out from under 2020?

Have you gotten everybody else back to some sorta routine and now it's time to focus on U?!

☑ Do you need the proverbial reboot?

☑ Has the stress of "getting back to normal" made your waistline expand like the Grand Canyon?

☑ Have you tried everything and you still can't seem to unlock your energy code?

If you checked yes to any of those questions you are in luck!

Congratulations! You qualify to join the 5 day Back 2 School

Back 2 U


Meet Your Host

Dr. LaKeischa

Dr. LaKeischa Webb McMillan was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology (cum laude) from Oakwood College, now Oakwood University, and continued her studies at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.  In addition to her academic degrees, Dr. LaKeischa is certified in the use of the DiVinci Robotic System for Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery.  Because of her passion for teaching, she was awarded the distinction of Resident Teacher of the Year an honor bestowed by fellow residence.  A gifted speaker, Integrative OB-GYN, peri/menopuase hormone specialist, and Amazon Best-Selling Author, Dr. LaKeischa has a passion for helping women struggling with depleting hormones, get their hormones balanced, regain mental sharpness and have the energy to last the entire day.  

During this 5 day challenge you will be given a roadmap to the connection between a healthy Gut and balanced hormones by :


Discovering Bionic Biotics 


Getting a Gut Check


Getting a Gut Punch


Getting rid of "bubble guts" and much much more....

What are women saying about

Dr. LaKeischa

“…I am currently seeing Dr. LaKeischa now.  I just wanted to pop on and give a quick testimony on how she has really helped me just evolve, help me to just balance my hormones because they were raging out of control.”

--Kim Gordon

"In 12 weeks, Dr. LaKeischa has been communicating, consulting, and working with me and I have seen marked improvements. 

I don't just focus on adjusting meds with Dr. LaKeischa. We focus on the whole person; mind, body and soul."

--Helen DeFillips

See you 

September 20th -24th, 2021

 for your daily challenges. 

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